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211 Squadron Operations Record Book: 1938

A transcript of the Squadron’s surviving formal record for the year 1938.

Compiled in long-hand and at least monthly at this period, with the CO signing off the last Form 540 at the end of the year, it appears that despite the action in Palestine, no Form 541 or other Appendices were submitted in 1938. A retrospective nominal roll of officers plus NCO aircrew was included at year’s end.

The records are held at the UK National Archives, on microfilm and digitised, at reference AIR 27/1302.

Rather than make the text conform to modern usage or site style, what follows is a transcript as written, bar the bulk of the heavy use of capitals. It is not practical to exactly reproduce the original column layout of the paper forms. These are as shown in the illustration: Place, Date, Time, Summary of Events, References to Appendices. The frequent abbreviations and usages are explained in the Glossary.

Form 540, 1938
ORB F540 header03020202

1938 211 (B) SQUADRON
GRANTHAM 31.1.38
The activities of the squadron during the month were entirely devoted to training of A/Gs. Five aircraft only were available at Grantham which were used for camera gun & camera obscura practice. F/Lt DP Barclay posted to Sqdn. 14.1.38 & took over command ‘A’ Flt.

Detached flight Aldergrove was entirely concerned with flying A/Gs undergoing qualifying courses at Armament Training Camp prior to their posting to service squadrons.
P/O WH Edwards posted 8th Jan.

GRANTHAM 31.1.38

    Total hours flown month ending this date 331
    Serviceability of a/c 11.2 S 2.8 u/s
    Average weather poor.

GRANTHAM 28.2.38
Detached flight returned to Grantham beginning this month. Very bad weather was experienced by one flight of 3 a/c which were forced to remain at West Freugh for 2½ days. Normal training was carried out during the month, especial preference being given to Armament with a view to attaining absolute efficiency before attending Armament Training Camp. The camp to be held at North Cotes Fittes [sic] April-May according to 5 B.G. training schedule.

A number of operational endurance bombing raids were carried out from this station in flight formation in conjunction with 5 B.G. exercises. Full use of W/T & R/T was made, these exercises were also found to be good navigational training as the amount of time allowed from time of take off to time over target combined with the medium distance of X country prior to arriving at target required very accurate regulation of airspeed. It was only possible to carry out 3 high level raids owing to the bad weather, all other raids being low level.

The Squadron CO was on leave from 4/2/38 to 27/2/38. F/Lt Barclay took over command.

    Total hours flown month 273
    Serviceability of a/c 9.6 u/s 3.4
    Average weather poor.

GRANTHAM 13.3.38
Training carried on normally to date. Information received this date that the squadron would shortly proceed overseas probably to Helwan Egypt & that it would be equipt on a Middle East basis of—CO & Adjutant, 6 pilots per flight (three officers & three airmen pilots per three flights). This would mean the formation of an extra flight & the posting away of a no of our officers also an increase in our airman pilots. The squadron would also change Commanding Officers as the present CO had only recently completed a tour of overseas duty.

GRANTHAM 17th-22nd/3/38
All squadron a/c were ferried to Sealand for dismantling & shipping overseas. General packing & dispatch of all sections proceeding

    Total hours flown month 225
    Serviceability of a/c 10.8 u/s 2.2
    Average weather fair.

Arrangements for transfer overseas having been completed successfully, all personnel remaining in the squadron proceeded on leave until 24/4/38.

8.4.38 S/Ldr S.H. Ware took over command from S/Ldr R.J.A. Ford.

23.4.38 A.F/Lt Withy posted from squadron, A.F/Lt R.H. Spencer posted & took over command ‘B’ Flight.

24.4.38 The Squadron will be fully mobile in the Middle East Command, this has caused the posting of many new airmen to the squadron. Also F/Os Levell, Thorne [sic: also Thorn] & Powell posted i/c equipment, accounts, medical duties respectively.

P/Os Magill, Macnab, Kearey, Williams & Rixson posted to other M. E. units & will proceed with the squadron as supernumeraries.

[P/O DF Rixson 39393, born 1918, granted a Short Service Commission in January 1937, posted to 211 Squadron September 1938. His new posting was to 45 Squadron, flying Vickers Wellesleys in the Middle East. Awarded the DFC in 1941, about that time he was a Flight Commander and then CO of 113 Squadron. By 1943 he was with HQ 216 Group Air Staff, at Heliopolis. Post war, he was appointed to a Permanent Commission in the rank of Flt Lieut and was soon Squadron Leader. A long stint seconded as W/Cdr to the Indian Air Force followed in the mid 1950s. A range of senior appointments in the UK and Europe saw him promoted to Group Captain in January 1961 and Air Commodore in July 1965. Dennis Fenn Rixson CVO OBE DFC AFC retired c 1968 at his own request.]

30.4.38 The squadron left Grantham by rail for Southampton at 05.00hrs. embarked aboard H. M. T. “Lancashire” at Southampton sailing 15.30. Nos 80 (F) & 113 (B) Sqdns were also aboard.

    Nil flying during the month.

The squadron arrived at Alexandria & proceeded direct by rail to Helwan. A new posting list received & P/O Powell posted to A.D.M.E. Helwan Camp became R.A.F. Station Helwan S/Ld Trail in command, it had hitherto been 45 (B) Sqdn H. Q. The warmness of the welcome on arrival extended to the squadron was commented upon by all ranks.

HELWAN 12.5.38
New establishment issued, the squadron lost excess officers & personnel to supply the personnel for recently formed S.H.Q.

20.5.38 Two squadron a/c arrived by rail ex Alexandria, the squadron will not get all its original a/c as owing to imminent 120hrs (in England) inspections certain a/c were allotted to other units & a/c from other units being allotted to the squadron.

21-27.5.38 The remainder of the squadron a/c a total of 18, 4 I.E. & 2 I.R. [sic: that is, 4 Initial Equipment plus 2 Immediate Reserve for 6 aircraft per Flight] arrived by twos & threes during this period. Due to the necessity of quick unloading to save demurrage these a/c had to be carried [sic] as they arrived irrespective of hour. Until this date the squadron had been living under canvas, huts have now become available.

P/O G.D. Jones promoted 27th to F/O w.e.f 16 [sic].

31.5.38 The aircraft are being erected in the squadron & due to certain delays in supply of necessary stores for tropical modifications cannot be flown yet.

    Nil flying during the month.

HELWAN 4.6.38
First a/c ready to fly tested today by Flt Commands ‘A’ Flight. P/O Farrington attached to A.D.M.E. for parachute course.

7.6.38 A further 3 a/c of ‘A’, ‘B’ & ‘C’ flights tested. All pilots have been in the air.

9.6.38 King’s Birthday parade held after which the remainder of the day was observed as a holiday.

13.6.38 9 a/c were made serviceable by this date, it has become impossible to produce any further serviceable a/c owing to lack of necessary oversize radiators.

15.6.38 F/O Irvine posted to SHQ Amman. F/O Jones took over command ‘C’ Flight.

20.6.38 Air firing live ammunition for first time in the squadron.

24-27.6.38 The squadron Commander took a flight of 4 a/c to MERSA MATRUH for four days tour fo the Western Desert, making MERSA MATRUH his H.Q. Landings were made at FUKA, MERSA MATRUH & SALUM.

28-30/6/38 Night Flying was carried out on 28th for first time overseas. A.V.M. H.R. Nicoll C.B. C.B.E. A.O.C. paid the squadron an informal visit.

    Total flying for month 243hrs. ‘A’ 100hrs ‘B’ 50hrs ‘C’ 93hrs
    Serviceability of a/c 8.6 u/s 7.4
    Average weather good.

HELWAN 1.7.38
‘A’ Flight proceeded with 4 a/c to MERSA MATRUH for a 4 day tour of the Western Desert similar to previous trip.

5.7.38 Preparations for detached flight to proceed to D~~~~~ [Dumanhur?] for co-operation with No. 4 A.A Unit began, & further night flying too place.

6.7.38 Any flight of a/c proceeding within 50 miles of ISMALIA [sic] are expected to signal course average height & airspeed, in order that the Fighter Squadrons stationed there may practice interception. On this date the first such exercise that the squadron had made in Egypt carried out. This exercise is termed “Battle Flight”. The fighters were successful.

8.7.38 ‘B’ Flight proceed with 4 a/c to MERSA MATRUH, this in pursuance of the belief that should the squadron become engaged on active service, its primary duty would be the defence of the Western Desert.

14.7.38 Information was received this date that the squadron was to stand by & be within 36hrs readiness to move to R.A.F. Station RAMLEH, Palestine. 2 Flights & HQ Flight. 5 a/c would be taken by each flight & would be maintained as 4 I.E & 1 I.R. at RAMLEH per flight.

15.7.38 The A.O.C. congratulations on our readiness to move were received through H.Q.M.E. This was appreciated as all ranks had to work hard & late to effect the readiness. Instructions also received that ‘A’ Flight was to proceed to RAMLEH on 18th & HQ ‘B’ Flight on 19th by air.

216 (BT) Sqdn were detailed to transport advance baggage party & certain stores on 18th in one Valentia. Also to transport remainder of personnel & light stores required by 3 Valentia a/c on 19th.

Advance party & ‘A’ Flight arrived successfully 09.00hrs. “Battle Flight” carried out but not located. Tents of the squadron mobile equipment, despatched from A.D.M.E. were erected & the squadron accommodated under canvas.

19.7.38 ‘B’ Flight & 216 (BT) transport party arrived successfully. “Battle Flight” exercised & successfully located by fighter. All a/c were picketed in an enclosure, hangar space not being available.

21.7.38 The bedding for squadron personnel arrived this date from A.D.M.E. Detachment posted here to co-operate with 6 (B) Sqdn who are engaged on co-operation work with the army in suppression of “terrorism” in Palestine.

RAMLEH 23.7.38
‘A’ Flight flew 6 meteorological flights week ending this date in conjunction with the International Met Week. All pilots have carried out general reconnaissance ‘X’ country flights learning the features& landmarks of the country.

25.7.38 Lecture was given to all pilots & A/Gs by F/O D.L. AMLOT of 6 (B) Sqdn on the ‘XX’ call system now operative in Palestine. The ‘XX’ call is an emergency call by any ground force in Palestine for immediate air action & assistance. It is delivered in the form of the letters ‘XX’ & the position, by name, map reference or road name letter & no of kilometres from Jerusalem. Is sent by the quickest method possible usually by W/T or ‘phone. The pilot on arrival at the scene gathers relative information from the ground force who use the M.E. ground strip code & takes necessary action.

‘A’ Flight carried out police co-operation, which consists of visiting specified police posts, who signal by means of the M.E. g.s. code, all correct or requirements etc.

Annual musketry course fired.

26.7.38 Vertical & pinpoint photographs of KAUKUB 174249 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) taken by ‘B’ Flight. ‘A’ Flight police co-operation, ‘B’ Flight also carried out low dive bombing, front & rear gun practice on the JAFFA sea range.

27.7.38 Both flights carried out practice XX calls with cars of No 2 A.C. Company which were used as targets. M.E. ground strip code used.

RAMLEH 28.7.38
As the result of general recco flying a ‘XX’ call was originated by Sgt SMITH who discovered an derailed engine at posn 2 miles N of LYDDA. 6 (B) Sqdn carried out immediate recco but no activity discovered.


    Total hours flown during month 363. ‘A’ 148 ‘B’ 129 ‘C’ 85
    Average serviceability 11.3 u/s 6.7
    Weather good.
    Three Police co-operation flights one ‘XX’ call originated.

RAMLEH 1.8.38
Police co-operation flights by ‘A’ Flight. ‘C’ Flight who are at HELWAN are unable to carry out any other than local flying owing to shortage of equipment which has [been] completely used in rendering ‘A’ & ‘B’ Flights a/c fully operational. I.R. a/c left at HELWAN are being erected by ‘C’ Flight.

3.8.38 Sgt SMITH of ‘A’ Flight when carrying out police co-operation hit a tree & crashed on the side of a hill. Both he & his A/G Ac McIntosh 519482 were only slightly injured on admission to hospital. The accident occurred 3m SWxS of JERUSALEM at EIN KARIM. [see Airman’s Album, Grierson & Hoyes for photographs of the wreckage]

4.8.38 ‘B’ Flight too vertical pin-points of KAFR SUR 187154 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) & delivered these by air on FORT NABLUS.

RAMLEH 5.8.38
Visit by A/Cmdr A.T. Harris A.O.C. P.& T.J.

8.8.38 ‘B’ Flight carried out police post reccos. 5 communication flights were made to relieve pressure on Stn Flt. S/Ldr CAMPBELL F/Lt NOBBS & F/o NICHOLSON E Staff officers visited squadron & discussed difficulties experienced with particular reference to trouble caused with light weight tyres on this aerodrome.

9.8.38 ‘B’ Flight took vertical pin-points of BALA 161193 (1/250,000 Palestine Admin) these were delivered by air on FORT NABLUS.

10.8.38 ‘XX’ calls practiced by both flights. Vertical & oblique photographs of SAFAD 196293 (Palestine Admin) by ‘B’ Flight for Army.

11.8.38 Police post reccos by ‘B’ Flight.

15.8.38 Practice ‘XX’ calls by ‘B’ with No 2 A.C.C cars.

16-17.8.38 General photographic, recco, & X country practice flights.

18.8.38 Mosaic of SAFAD 196293 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) for Army rqmts.

19.8.38 3 a/c standing by fully armed to answer ‘XX’ calls.

20.8.38 One a/c standby ‘B’. All ‘A’ patrolled & made reccos of area JERUSALEM-HEBRON & East to frontier. Recco of TULKARAH 152191 (Palestine Admin) area carried out by ‘B’. Recco Reports RR 211/1-3 Sqdn copies.

21.8.38 Mosaic by ‘A’ Flight of KOLUNDIA 171142 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000)

22.8.38 Police post recco flights & 2 reconnaissance flights for the Army. Recco Reports RR 211/4&5 Sqdn copies.

23.8.38 Police post reccos carried out & 2 photographic flights.

24.8.38 Police post reconnaissance by ‘B’ & 2 training mosaics by ‘A’ Flight.

25.8.38 Police reccos by ‘B’ & pin-point photos of QABATIYA 178202 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) delivered by air on FORT JENIN. Mosaic of area 130-137, 135-140 South of AQIR attempted by ‘A’ Flight but abandoned owing to cloud.

26.8.38 Police reccos by ‘B’ Flight, 2 ‘A’ Flight a/c detached to SEMAKH 205235 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) & attached to ‘C’ Flight 6 Sqdn who will soon move to HAIFA. ‘A’ Flight will then become detached to SAMAKH [sic]. See Recco Reports RR 211/6 (Sqdn copies)

29.8.38 Mosaic taken of area S of AQIR by ‘B’ Flight. Recco by ‘A’ a/c at SAMAKH [sic]. RR 211/7&8

RAMLEH 30.8.38
The Squadron CO & F/Lt Barclay flew to EL MAJAMIE 202226 (Palestine Admin 1/250,000) to meet Col CHRISTAL of the T.J.F.F. & discuss co-operation etc prior to ‘A’ Flight moving to SEMAKH. See Recco Report RR 211/9&10 for 30 & 31/8/38.


    Total hours flown during month 343. ‘A’ 118 ‘B’ 124 ‘C’ 101
    Average serviceability 9.5 u/s 8.5
    Average weather fair.
    15 Police co-operation flights
    10 Reconnaissance flights
    Photographic flights no of photos taken.

3.9.38 Inter command mail flight by ‘B’ Flight & communication flight by ‘A’.

4.9.38 Communication flight by ‘B’. The demand for a/c on Station Flights is so great that the squadrons have to help meet this demand.

6.9.38 Lewis gun firing on the sea range by ‘B’. 8 W/Ops having been posted to the Squadron & present operations demanding that W/T should be carried on every flight. These W/Ops have never before fired or flown.

7.9.38 ‘A’ Flight proceeded in formation to SEMAKH on detachment to relieve detachment of 6 (B) Squadron a/c which should be stationed at HAIFA from this date. ‘B’ carried out police reconnaissances & once escort flight.

SEMAKH 8.9.38
Two reconnaissance flights carried out in co-operation with the Palestine & Transjordan Frontier Force.

SEMAKH 10.9.38
Five reconnaissance flights carried out in co-operation with P.T.J.F.F., two in answer to ‘immediate’ calls. One communication flight for P.T.J.F.F. personnel as passenger. See Sqd copy RR 211/11-15.

SEMAKH 11.9.38
One immediate recco flight. RR 211/16

RAMLEH 12.9.38
Immediate recco call received at RAMLEH & 3 recco flights carried out. F/O Mills crashed a/c attempting landing beside forced landing of Gladiator a/c of 80 Sqdn. RR 211/17-19.

RAMLEH 13.9.38 15.45
One immediate recco. Four a/c sent to answer ‘XX’ call 3km North HEBRON. 11 casualties claimed, unconfirmed.RR.211/20-24.SEMAKH 13.9.38 Three recco flights nothing to report.

RAMLEH 14.9.38 10.00–16.15
One ‘XX’ call to AQIR (133141) three a/c dispatched at varying intervals. Two casualties claimed, unconfirmed. RR.211/25-27

RAMLEH 15.9.38 17.00
One machine dispatched on recco acting on information received from HQ P&TJ. A further 4 a/c were despatched in answer to XX call from a/c of No 6 (B) Squadron also sent on same recco area. Large armed band of Oozlebarts engaged. Action taken by 5 a/c of the squadron & 8 a/c from 6 (B) Sqdn at DEIR GHASSANA (159162). 18 casualties claimed probably an under-estimation as the Army confirmed total casualties from air action as approximately 150 killed. Recco Reports RR211/28-32.

RAMLEH 16.9.38
Four recco flights carried out over DEIR GHASSANA co-operating with ground troops searching area.Recco Reports RR211/33-36.

SEMAKH 16.9.38
One recco flight nothing to report. Two communication flights co-operating with P.& J.T.F.F. personnel as passengers.

SEMAKH 17.9.38
Three recco fligts in co-operation with P.&T.J.F.F. nothing to report. RR 211/49

RAMLEH 18.9.38
Five recco flights—little action. No casualties. RR 211/37-41

SEMAKH 18.9.38
Four recco flights—nothing reported seen.

RAMLEH 21.9.38
Two bomb raids carried out on two separate villages to orders of Army HQ. KHIRBET AL MAJADDA (193207) & AL JAUPA (191211) believed to be HQ of rebels. Villages evacuated of inhabitants by previous warning. 5 reconnaissance flights carried out. RR211/42-43. RR211/44-48.

RAMLEH 22.9.38
Communication flight BEIRUT & return convey British A.L.O. to RAMLEH.

RAMLEH 26.9.38
Communication flight BEIRUT & return convey British A/Consul General.

RAMLEH 27.9.38
Communication & escort flight.

In view of the European situation the squadron had on 27th received warning that it might be expected to return to Egypt at short notice. At 12.00 hours orders received. Squadron left 15.00hrs, necessary equipment etc convey by flight 216 (BT) a/c.

HELWAN 29.9.38
As all three flights of the squadron were in various localities, certain extra preparations were found necessary before the squadron could be ready to move to its advance base as a complete unit, which in view of the circumstances prevailing at the time had been ordered by H.Q.M.E.; & also to bring all a/c up to full serviceability. Orders were also received that any a/c which had less than 20hrs serviceability to the next 120hr inspection should be treated as requiring a 120hr inspection immediately.

It was decided therefore to leave 2 a/c of each flight at HELWAN & maintenance party with an officer i/c to carry out these inspections, also any further inspections on a/c flown back from advanced base.

The advance party left with one officer & Equipment Officer by road to prepare a landing ground & necessary accommodation at EL DABA (31° 2’ N 28° 20’ EAST) 1/1,000,000 INTERNATIONAL MAP EGYPT to be used as the advance base.

Further M.T. arrived from various stations in Egypt to bring the squadron transport up to fully mobile strength, also all personnel on attachment were posted back to the squadron bringing the total up to (13 officers) 180 other ranks. It was decided the Air Party & the rear Ground Party should leave on Sat 1st October for EL DABA. F/Lt BANNERMAN posted to squadron for duty as Medical Officer.

    TOTALhrs FOR MONTH 406 A 174 B 124 C 108

HELWAN 1.10.38
Further instructions received from H.Q.M.E. as it had been decided that it was no longer necessary for the squadron to move as a whole to the advance base, the squadron would therefore carry out a practice move by air on 4th October returning to Helwan the same day, after which the advance party to be evacuated as soon as possible.

4.10.38 The formation [sic] flew in formation to EL DABA & returned. It was decided that the landing ground would be very dirty in a high wind. Two sick personnel were evacuated by a/c.

5.10.38 Two a/c ferried two M.T. drivers to EL DABA to replace those evacuated.

6.10.38 One a/c flew to EL DABA & A.D.M.E. to arrange delivery of necessary equipment for final evacuation of EL DABA, one half of the advance party returning this date in convoy. F/Lt Bannerman posted from Squadron.

7.10.38 All personnel finally evacuated by M.T. convoy & returned to HELWAN.

18.10.38 The Squadron took part in a mass formation flight over Cairo in which practically every unit in Egypt was represented. The Squadron lead the Wing of Hawker type aircraft, having 208 (AC) Sqd & 113 (B) Sqdn on its flanks. A certain amount of practice was carried out during the week prior to the actual formation flight.

19.10.38 Thirteen aircraft from the squadron flew to HELIOPOLIS, the pilots & crew taking part in the review by the Egyptian Minister of War & H.E. The British Ambassador Sir M Locker Lampson, of the Egyptian Royal Air Force & the units of the R.A.F in Egypt. The occasion was chosen for H.E. the British Ambassador to present the squadron with the Squadron Crest [sic: the Squadron Badge, technically—the College of Heralds close-copy on parchment].

31.10.38 Air/Cmdr A.A. Walser M.C. D.F.C. visited the station accompanied by W/Cmdr A.J. Warwick of ‘E’ Staff A.D.M.E. who visited the squadron.

Little flying was carried out this month the squadron taking leave in two batches.


HELWAN 30.11.38
During this month all flying was devoted to Armament practice (gunnery), this being the squadron’s annual assessment period. The Squadron Commander led the squadron in a practice attack against the ‘box’ formation of 45 (b) Sqdn.

    TOTAL HOURS FOR MONTH 298 A 114 B 96 C 88

13.12.38 All flying to date had been devoted to bombing practice being armament assessment period, however during Sat 12.12.38 a Blenheim a/c failed to reach ist destination in Egypt from HABBANIYA. The squadron therefore flew to ISMALIA [sic] & took part in the search of upper SINAI, nothing of the missing a/c was seen.

14.12.38 The squadron flew to HELIOPOLIS from which Station the operations for search for missing a/c were being directed. The squadron searched the entire QALALA PLATEAU, nothing seen of a/c.

15.12.38 The squadron operated from SUEZ landing ground on search, searching lower SINAI across from PORT SUEZ in a fan wise direction to the GULF OF AKABA.

16.12.38 Six squadron a/c left HELWAN to operate from MA’AN landing ground on the search for missing a/c. Nothing seen of missing a/c.

17.12.38 On 17th of month the squadron abandoned the search for missing a/c & all flying was again devoted to bombing, chiefly to dive bombing. Owing to the fact the squadron was originally formed with a nucleus of ‘heavy bomber pilots’ this was the first time that about 2/3 of the squadron pilots had carried out dive bombing exercises.

    TOTAL HOURS FOR MONTH 417 A 157 B 114 C 146

    Seen [signature SH Ware] W/Cdr
    O.C. 211 (B) Sqdn

1st JAN–31st Dec 1938 ROLL OF OFFICERS & N.C.O. PILOTS



POSTING 29.3.38




(5.7.37) (8.4.38)

COMMANDING OFFICER (5.7.37) (8.4.38)




O.C.’A’ FLIGHT (14.1.38)



(27.10.37) (24.3.38)

O.C. ‘B’ FLT (27.10.37) (23.4.38)




O.C. ‘B’ FLT (23.4.38)



(8.5.37) (20.6.38)

O.C. ‘C’ FLT (____) (14.6.38)




O.C. ‘C’ FLT (15.6.38)








Nav Officer




Sqdn Adjt (19.7.37)(14.11.38?).



(28.6.37) (8.2.37)












(1.7.37) (30.4.38)




(1.7.37) (30.4.38)




(1.7.37) (30.4.38)




(8.8.37) (30.4.38)




(4.9.37) (30.4.38)




(23.10.37) (____)





Sqdn Adjt
















































Equipt Officer




Accountant Off




Medical Officer




Medical Officer




Seen [signature SH Ware] W/Cdr
OC 211 (B) Sqdn

211 Squadron Operations Record Book Monthly Summaries (RAF Form 540) TNA AIR 27/1302

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